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Bowens Island Restaurant Visit

Bowens Island sunset
The view from the restaurant deck at Bowens Island Restaurant

Did you know that Bowen's Island Restaurant received a James Beard award as an "America's Classic"?

Did you know that just after that award was received in 2006 that the restaurant burned to the ground?

These are trivia bits and more about this restaurant that you can read on their website.

Surprisingly, We've been coming to Folly Beach for almost a decade and have never previously made it to Bowens until this past December.

While the sunset views are the star of the show (many people say that Bowens has the best sunset views in the area), the food is also excellent and the portions are generous.

If you're staying in the Charleston/Folly Beach area, it's worth the trip to grab some oysters or fried seafood at Bowens.

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