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Folly Beach Hawk Encounters

For one of our owner stays, we had the fortune of running into this (almost literally) red-tailed hawk. I stepped out of the primary bedroom onto the upper deck and came within 6 feet of this guy/gal. They didn't even flinch when I slowly backed into the bedroom to get my iPhone to get a pic for posterity.

Within a day or two we ran into him/her again - or they ran into us. We were sitting in the screened deck below this one and were surprised by the same hawk running into our screen, bouncing off and then continuing on their way. If the screen wasn't there, they would have flown within feet above our heads.

Back here where we primarily live in Virginia, you can't get within 100 feet of these birds. I was fortunate to have the above run-in with the hawk and get to see them up close and appreciate their true size.

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